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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my studio is offering remote lessons as well as in-person lessons following safety protocols.

James W. Iman Piano Studio

Passion, Experience, Excellence

I'm active in Pittsburgh not only as a performer, but also as a piano teacher. In fact, the entire reason I moved to Pittsburgh was to share my passion through piano lessons. 
I've been a piano teacher in Pittsburgh for ten years and have worked with beginners ranging from four-years-old to sixty-years-old--and everywhere in between!
I've prepared advanced students for competitions and college, and I've worked with students with special needs.
Music is part of the human experience and I consider it a privileged to be able to empower students to live it first hand.

Personalized Curriculum

Not all students' needs are the same, so every student receives instruction tailored to their needs, interests, and goals. Students of all ages and skill levels receive comprehensive instruction in piano technique, music theory, and musical appreciation.
The core curriculum is supplemented with repertoire selected to encourage the student's interests  and expand their knowledge and appreciation.
Students have the opportunity to participate in recitals, competitions for solo performance, duet performance, and composition, as well as yearly assessments administered by the Pittsburgh Piano Teachers Association.​

It's about You

Whether you're a parent looking for a piano teacher for your six-year-old, a teen with a sudden urge to learn more about music, or a retiree looking for a fun and engaging hobby, I have the experience and knowledge to help you reach your goals and realize your potential. 

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